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white background => gray in mpeg

Lewis Hyatt

First of all, thanks very much for ffmpeg, this is a great program! I am
trying to use the latest SVN version (SVN-r11885) to convert some
individual image frames into an mpeg animation. It works great, except
for one thing: the images all have a white background, but the mpeg has
a gray background instead. I tried using PNG, GIF, and JPG for the input
frames, and the same thing happens in all cases. I'm using this command

ffmpeg -f image2 -r 50 -i anim_%d.jpg -b 6000k anim.mpg

I searched around the net and found someone else with a similar problem,
but not with ffmpeg, and didn't see a resolution. Anyone have any ideas?
(If you need more information, or a sample of the input images or the
output animation, please let me know.)

Thanks for your help!


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