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Streaming live TV to mobile phone

Henti Smith-3
Hi there.

I'm completely stumped on getting this working.

I need to be able to grab video from a wintv PVR card on /dev/video0
(mpeg2 stream) transcode to a format that a cellphone can stream and
then broadcast that stream.

I've tries cat /dev/video0 | ffmpeg - | vlc - (with all the corrects
settings) but doesn't work. According to people in the know it's due to
a limitation in the 3gp format not being able to stream
I've read up on hinting but seems to be dependent on the a file, not a

Does anybody have any ideas on how to do this ?
Is it possible ?

Would I need to go third party route ala helix / realmedia player or
adobe etc ?
Any ideas .. anything at all ?

Henti Smith
R&D, System and Network Administrator
Tel : +27 11 327 3377
Fax : +27 11 327 3373

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