OT, Noise, am I'm loosing it? (rant)

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OT, Noise, am I'm loosing it? (rant)

Recently watched ‘Win it all’ on Netflix.
(Ok, you can flame me for bad taste, but that would be beside the point.)

Now, in this flick, a ‘Netflix original’, noise on close to every interior shot is beyond reasonable.
Now, Netflix has very high demands on delivery.
How could this happen? Why did Netflix accept this? (And this is far from the only noisy shot I see in modern movies nowadays….)
This movie was shot some 5 years ago. Even back then there were cams that could shoot with candle light if needed, without excessive noise!

I guess this is due to shooting LUT by someone who is totally clueless. (Note, my guess is that even without additional lighting the shots ‘could’ have turned out with way less noise.)
Having said that, I have never ever seen a LUT shot that turned out better than shooting decent in the first place, but my editorial work has productions with a total budget of 300K max.
I know there is a place in this world where shooting LUT can indeed help, my guess is that those events are 0.1 % of the cases where LUT is in fact used.

If the noise would be an artistic decision I could understand it, but that seems not the case IMHO. Nor was it out of need. (I have some experience, I have restored old movies, where the only available stock needed to be overcranked, there is a valid reason.)

What I do know that the added data for compression for Netflix will burn half a rain forrest, consuming way more energy / cost than having had the set lighted properly, or, again, pick a decent camera and do NOT shoot lut, or do it properly at least.

What am I missing, or am I right and should some people get their butts kicked?


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