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FW: Buffered encoded images not saved


Van: laddoe
Verzonden: donderdag 25 maart 2021 12:08
Aan: [hidden email] <[hidden email]>
Onderwerp: Buffered encoded images not saved

Hi all,

I have an issue with the first 12 images not being saved to file. I have attached my code ( the relevant ones ) in this email, I have also attached a log file to show that the first 12 images aren't written to the file that is generated. The frame rate is 24 fps and the recording is 5 sec, so there should be 120 frames written to the file. This can be seen in the 4th column. The lines in the log files are as follows :

[cpp filename] : image num [ unique num from camera]  [temp image num for recording seq] [time in ms]

The image class is actually a simple wrapper around  OpenCV's mat class with some addition members. The output file is around 10 MB and when I open it in VLC it doesn't run for 5 seconds but more like 1 - 2 seconds. Can anyone explain the files not written and the duration not being 5 secs. As you can see I have tried with  "av_interleaved_write_frame"  but that didn't help

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