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DASH with Thumbnails

Mar Andrés López
Dear All,

I am building a DASH VideoPlayer and I need the functionality of viewing thumbnails when scrolling de time bar of the video player. ¿Does FFmpeg support this functionality of adding thumbnails to .mpd?

My question is the same as this one retrieved from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60429301/ffmpeg-dash-with-tiles-of-thumbnail-images:

"As of DASH-IF IOP version 4.2, section 6.2.6 defines the notion of image-based tracks in DASH: https://dashif.org/docs/DASH-IF-IOP-v4.3.pdf.

This is the ability to have an adaption set made up of mime type images that themselves are a strip of low resolution thumbnails. A player will use these thumbnails when the user hovers their mouse over the video timeline and get a preview of the the frame at that approximate timecode.

Theo player website has a page dedicated to this function for playback: https://www.theoplayer.com/blog/in-stream-thumbnail-support-dvr-dash-streams

I need to generate a dash stream (not live) using ffmpeg that also contains these thumbnails. I already have an ffmpeg command that will generate the film strip of jpgs which outputs a thumbnail every 5 seconds of input video and joins 5 of these together in a single jpg:

ffmpeg -i INPUT -q:v 20 -vf "select=not(mod(n\,125)),scale=480:270,tile=5x1" -vsync vfr output%d.jpg

and the mpeg dash itself:

ffmpeg -i INPUT -y -map 0 -acodec aac -ac 2 -ar 48000 -s 960x540 -vcodec libx264 -f dash -preset veryfast -b:v:2 1500k -seg_duration 2 output.mpd"

But I cannot find a way in ffmpeg to include the thumbnails in the dash mpd file.

A lot of thanks,


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