Android Scudo FFMPEG crash

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Android Scudo FFMPEG crash

Michael Wood

I'm getting an occasional crash when trying to close h264 stream on Android.

I'm using built from source ffmpeg 4.4-dev-416

abort 0x000000793ded6ee4
scudo::die() 0x000000793decab04
scudo::ScopedErrorReport::~ScopedErrorReport() 0x000000793decb190
scudo::reportHeaderCorruption(void*) 0x000000793decb258
&(scudo_malloc_postinit)>::deallocate(void*, scudo::Chunk::Origin, unsigned
long, unsigned long) 0x000000793decc890
ff_h264_free_tables h264dec.c:172
h264_decode_end h264dec.c:336
avcodec_close utils.c:1143
avcodec_free_context options.c:194
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